Mustache Toes is Overrated


    Mustache Toes is Overrated Empty Mustache Toes is Overrated

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    Major League Roster:

    C - Posada
    1B -Kotchman
    2B -O Hudson
    3B -Lowell
    SS -M Young
    OF - Vlad
    OF - Manny
    OF -Jermaine Dye
    UTIL -Sexson

    SP - Peavy
    SP - F. Carmona
    SP -J guthrie
    RP -f. Cordero
    RP e gagne
    RP -Turnbow
    P -J Isringhausen
    P -J borowski

    BN -juan cruz
    BN -chad bradford
    BN -K wood
    BN -C Silva
    BN -X Nady
    BN -D young
    BN -Alex Gonzalez
    BN -G Anderson

    Minor League Roster:Kosuke Fukudome
    Justin Masterson
    Michael Bowden
    Jeff Nieman
    Donald Veal
    Matt Walker

    Mustache Toes is Overrated Empty FUCKUDOME Roster for next year

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    Subject: MattyGrabbs Sun Dec 02, 2007 3:26 am


    2008 MLB 25 Player Roster Updated

    C -Posada
    1B - Kotchman
    2B - Hudson
    3B - Lowell
    SS -M Young
    OF - J Dye
    OF - Vlad Guerroro
    OF -Manny Rameriz
    UTIL - Xavier Nady
    Bench- Fukudome, Brendan Harris

    SP -Peavy
    SP -Carmona
    SP- J Guthrie
    SP-Jeff Nieman
    SP- Masterson
    SP-S Marshall
    SP-J Marquis
    RP-F Cordero
    RP-J Isringhausen

    RP-K Wood
    RP-Chad Bradford
    RP-Juan Cruz
    RP-K Farnsworth

    Minor Leaguers Veal, N. Walker

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