Official MiLB Draft Rules


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    Official MiLB Draft Rules Empty Official MiLB Draft Rules

    Post by THE KILLERS on Sat Jan 21, 2017 10:37 am

    (As detailed in Section IV. The Minor League(prospect)Draft of the SSD Constitution:

    The Minor League(prospect) draft will be a straight (non-serpentine) draft and consist of six(6) rounds. The draft will commence and end prior to the beginning of the regular season.  The only players eligible to be drafted are players with no Major League experience at all, but belong (under contract) to a Major League Baseball team. The exact date will be determined by the Commissioners.

    Here is how the MiLB draft order is determined:

    Regular Season Standings
    20th Place: 1st MiLB pick
    19th Place: 2nd MiLB pick
    18th Place: 3rd MiLB pick
    17th Place: 4th MiLB pick
    16th Place: 5th MiLB pick
    15th Place: 6th MiLB pick
    14th Place: 7th MiLB pick
    13th Place: 8th MiLB pick
    12th Place: 9th MiLB pick
    11th Place: 10th MiLB pick
    10th Place: 11th MiLB pick
    9th Place: 12th MiLB pick
    8th Place: 13th MiLB pick
    7th Place: 14th MiLB pick
    6th Place: 15th MiLB pick
    5th Place: 16th MiLB pick

    3rd and 4th
    4th Place: The loser of the 3rd Place Game: 17th MiLB pick
    3rd Place: The winner of the 3rd Place Game: 18th MiLB pick

    1st and 2nd
    2nd: The loser of the Championship Game: 19th MiLB pick
    1st: The Champion of SSD: 20th MiLB pick

    This order will repeat for all 6 rounds. The only exception to this order is for trades made involving draft slots prior to or during the draft. Also, once a team has reached the maximum number of MiLB players allowed (12),  they are no longer eligible to participate in the draft will have their draft slot bypassed to the next eligible team.

    All draft picks will be made as a post in the Draft Forum.  The draft post shall be made in the following words.

    "With the (# of Pick) Overall Selection in the SSD MiLB Draft (Team Name/User Name) selects (Player Name), (Position), (Team City that player plays for).

    Here is an example: "With the 1st Overall Selection in the 2015 MiLB Draft The Blue Monkeys selects Mike Trout, OF, Anaheim Angels.

    Once the draft begins:

    Step 1.  The first pick will have Twenty-Four(24) hours to make a selection.  
    Step 2.  After his selection is made, that manager must e-mail the manager following him, to let him know it is now his turn.  
    Step 3.  That manager then is now considered "On The Clock" and has Twenty-Four(24) hours to make his selection.
    Step 4.  Repeat Step 2.[/strike]

    It is not encouraged to take the entire twenty-four(24) hours, however extenuating circumstances may arise, and that is the maximum.

    If a manager has not selected in the twenty-four(24) hour period, then next person in the draft order may make his selection, and the draft will continue in a normal fashion.  The manager that was skipped may make his selection at any time after the twenty-four hours, however all players taken from the point where he was skipped, to the time he is ready to select, will not be available for him to pick.  

    If a manager selects a player already owned by another team: The selection will be nullified and the manager will be notified to select another player as soon as the mistake is discovered. The manager will not be subject to disciplinary action, however, any selection made after the selection of an owned player will stand. In essence the manager will have been skipped until another player is selected.

    Also, if a manager can not be online, or get to the site, a post is required in advance (if at ALL possible) on the Away Board portion of the "Shack Smack" forum. The GM is also encouraged to send a message to a commissioner, or other league manager, with their selection.  That person then may make the appropriate post in the appropriate Draft Forum.  Any selections made this way, must have a notation of how and pick was made, ie. pick made via text.

    A couple of other reminders:
    1. Make sure your roster is trimmed to 25 and you've paid your dues before the draft starts
    2. Make sure your contact details in the GM section of this SSD forum site are up to date so we can contact you if you are on the clock
    3. If you want to pick up to 6 new MILB players, make sure your minor league roster is trimmed down to 6 before the draft starts. We will be announcing that cuts/callups deadline soon. it will probably be about 1 week before the draft starts.

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