Pocket Aces is "Luis' FRIEND": FYI - LOL!!!!!!


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    Pocket Aces is "Luis' FRIEND": FYI - LOL!!!!!!

    Post by #4 Yawkey Way 2 on Wed Dec 05, 2007 2:12 pm

    I recently changed my hoops smack to "Al Harrington and Ronnie Brewer are my pocket aces..."

    And Luis responded in his smack "Well if that's the case, Harrington and Brewer better fold quick if we're going to game like this COMMISH"

    Which prompted me to say:

    "What does that even mean, Luis? Fold? Why would they have to fold? Game like what?"



    May as well tell you the story and you can blieve it or not...take it for what its worth. Anyways my amigo was over and usually I sit in front of the computer refreshing the page every 20 minutes or so in SSD. Obviously I wasnt doing that on Saturday I believe it was...anyways he asked I told him the brief story and we kicked the ball around and he signed and said he was going to join so he made a few posts and PMed you or posted about SSD.. Obviously he wasnt going to join as he doesnt play fantasy sports nor does he have paypal. Anyways if you dont believe that I have many reasons on why I wouldnt want to join. If I wanted to be a regular manager I wouldnt have left to begin with...I am not gonna conceal my identity and play under someone who I have a bad tase in my mouth about. Plus if I really wanted to "scam" you....I would have used my desktop with a different IP. Anyways take it for what its worth.

    As for your b-ball smack...well if you bring it I will happily return the favor.




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